What I’ve written:

You Are Your Own Best Hype Person

Published on Square Corner Engineering Blog.

Learn how to accurately and effectively advocate for yourself and grow in your career by recording your accomplishments.

Deep Dive on Ember Events

Published on Square Corner Engineering Blog.

The difference between Ember actions and DOM events and why it matters, plus a really rad flowchart.

Inclusion up and to the right: how we’re improving Hear + Now tech talks

Published on Square Corner Engineering Blog.

Changes made to make a tech talk series hosted by Square WomEng more inclusive.

Introducing CallMyCongress.com, a better way to reach your representatives

Post announcing the launch of CallMyCongress.com, a side project that provides quick and easy access to your congressional representatives

Low Power Mode: Managing Your Emotional and Creative Energy

Published on Square Corner Engineering Blog.

Slides and speaker notes from a talk originally given at AlterConf Portland 2016 about preventing burnout and making space for rest.

Bonus Content

Some Kind of Dispatch, a TinyLetter newsletter

Short, sweet, and fleeting, these missives are meant to be enjoyed like ice cream cones on a sunny June afternoon: quickly and with joy.

The Writing Hour, a Medium publication

Because poetry is good for the soul.

What’s been written about me:

Fairygodboss of the Week: Marie Chatfield

Profile by Fairygodboss about career growth and tips.

Marie Chatfield, a Software Engineer at Square, never expected she’d end up in her current position – but she’s thrilled that she did. She says her job has led to her growth “as an engineer but also as a whole person.” Her #1 career tip is to participate in a community – and she certainly follows her own advice. Whether she’s honing her front-end development skills, interviewing interns or bonding with Square’s WomEng community and a cappella group, Marie prioritizes building relationships with a variety of her colleagues.

Women Who Reign: Marie Chatfield

Profile by ReigningIt about being a woman in STEM.

Meet Marie Chatfield, one of my engineering colleagues at Square. In addition to being a great developer, she’s quickly made her mark by being an ally for other women both inside and outside of Square. She recently rallied all of our executives to sign a pledge and set an example for the rest of the company. Read on to learn more about her and why we’re excited to see her achieve her goals and be an advocate for others!