solve problems to help people

That's what's it all about for me. I love challenges, learning new technologies, and pushing myself to my limits. But all of that means nothing if it's not directed towards solving real problems faced by real people.

I'm passionate about working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry and community.

I believe that starts with breaking down institutional barriers to entry. But it also requires all of us doing our part to leverage whatever privilege we may have to open doors for others who don't have the same opportunities as we do.

I work as a software engineer at Square. I enjoy solving problems throughout our tech stack, improving the consistency of everything, and having intentional and meaningful discussions with the other amazing people that work with and around me. You can also usually find me singing in the elevators on Wednesday afternoons with the Square Registers, an acapella group and general source of joy in the office.

I'm proud to build software that helps owners run their businesses efficiently and easily, so that they can focus on doing what they love.

In my free time, I read and write poetry. I love swing dancing and taking walks in Golden Gate Park. I drink a lot of coffee, and sometimes even serve coffee before worship at my church. A native Texan, I'm on a quest to find the closest thing to authentic Texas barbecue in the Bay Area. I know a performance artist who occasionally makes appearances around town. She looks a lot like me.