Profile picture of Marie Chatfield.

Learn, Solve, Share. Repeat.

I love challenges, learning new technologies, and pushing myself to my limits. But all of that means nothing if it’s not directed towards solving real problems faced by real people.

I’m passionate about working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry and community.

I believe that starts with breaking down institutional barriers to entry. But it also requires all of us leveraging whatever privilege we may have to open doors for others who don’t have the same opportunities.

As a software engineer, I love crafting beautiful and maintainable software across the tech stack—from backend to front-end, from product to infrastructure. Of all the disciplines, front-end is my passion and a continual source of joy and curiosity.

I love teaching, writing, and speaking on technical topics, and strive to make all my content accessible and interesting for all levels of experience and expertise.

Nerding out on implementation details is great; being able to explain those details to someone else is better; giving someone else the foundation they need to teach that topic to another person is better still.

In my free time, I sit in coffee shops writing poetry, journaling, and reading novels. I love swing dancing, nature strolling, camping, and Jesus. I’m exploring the idea of slow time—creating space for spontaneity and meaningful interaction by being generous with my attention and my presence. If you see me around and I’m staring into space, I’m probably plotting my next shenanigan. Consider yourself warned, whimsy may follow!