Profile picture of Marie Chatfield Rivas, smiling in a blue shirt with short hair and glasses.

Marie Chatfield Rivas (they/them) is a product-focused staff engineer with expertise in holistic feature delivery and knowledge sharing. They are passionate about creating inclusive experiences and empowering others to understand foundational web technologies at a deeper level.

Some of Marie’s specialties include:

  • Planning and delivering complex projects with deep user impact, ahead of schedule and with product-focused adjustments as needed to build the right feature at the right time.
  • Relentlessly advocating for the user in all product decisions, from accessibility and privacy concerns to consistent and intuitive features and flows.
  • Cultivating engaging, welcoming communities within and across teams at companies of all sizes—where learning in public, celebrating each other’s wins, and maintaining healthy work-life boundaries are encouraged.

As an engineer and a leader, Marie brings thoughtful and empathetic communication to cross-functional interactions. They ask the right questions at the right time to uncover issues and unknowns early, build consensus, and drive progress through every stage of a project.

Marie is also an experienced conference speaker and specializes in technical deep dives that are accessible for beginners and illuminating for experts.

👋 On a more personal note…

  • I love whimsy of all sorts and emojis in particular.
  • 🪴 I love nature strolling, bluebonnets, romance novels, cute video games, and well-organized recipe taxonomies.
  • 🕊 I am deeply optimistic about inclusive, intentional communities of faith organized around justice advocacy, mutual aid, and the abiding love of Jesus.
  • 💁🏻‍♀️ I started an advice column on a whim.
  • 🐻 I live with a standard poodle that looks like a muppet and a deeply beloved spouse.