Use Firebase to create a simple database without having to write any server-side code. Don't have any web development experience? No problem! Use the provided code samples and make them your own.

This tutorial was originally developed as a workshop for FemmeHacks 2016.

Table of Contents

  1. Setup your first Firebase application
  2. Write data manually in the Firebase Dashboard
  3. Write hard-coded data via the Javascript Library
  4. Write user-generated data
  5. Read user-generated data
  6. Advanced topics in data wizardry

What You Should Know Before You Begin

  • Basic familiarity with Javascript and HTML will be helpful, but if you’re totally new that’s okay too.
  • Web development experience is NOT required. We’ll be going over some basics throughout this tutorial!

Time Commitment

Tutorial: less than 2 hours

Tutorial + Extra Credit: ??? but definitely more than 2 hours

Caveat: These are totally estimates that will vary based on your familiarity with web development concepts, and if you’ve ever used any of the technologies in this tutorial, and if the way that I explain things makes as much sense to your brain as it does to my brain.

Technologies Used