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I love tackling fundamental web development topics in an accessible & engaging manner.
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Protocol-andia: Welcome to the Networking Neighborhood

A whimsical introduction to how computers talk to each other, and what exactly your requests are up to.

February 19, 2019 • 4386 words • 15 minute read

In the wide, wild world of the web, there’s a lot of devices that want to talk to each other.

This blog post lives on some computer somewhere in the world, and you’re reading it on your own device in your own corner of the planet. So how did the words and pictures get from there to here?

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Single-Page, Server-Side, Static… say what?

An emoji-filled learning journey about the trade-offs of different website architectures, complete with gifs, diagrams, and demo apps.

December 11, 2018 • 5830 words • 21 minute read

If you’ve been hanging around the internet, trying to build websites and apps, you may have heard some words in conversation like static site or server-side rendered (SSR) or single-page app (SPA).

But what do all of these words mean? How does each type of application architecture differ? What are the tradeoffs of each approach and which one should you use when building your website?

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