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Low Power Mode

Managing Your Emotional and Creative Energy

Do you ever finish your work for the day feeling absolutely drained, exhausted to the point that you no longer have energy for your hobbies or passion projects? Crafting beautiful and functional software, communicating effectively with your team, and continuing to learn new technologies all require immense creative and emotional effort — which may be exacerbated by marginalized status. True work-life balance considers not just the breakdown of time on your calendar, but the quality of that time and the energy invested in different aspects of your day. Learn practical techniques for managing your emotional and creative energy at work to prevent burn-out and reclaim your personal time.

This talk was originally given at AlterConf Portland 2016.

Slides and speaker notes are available on the Square Corner blog.

Building and Deploying a Web App Workshop

Create a JavaScript web app from scratch and deploy it to Heroku so that others can use it.

1-1.5 hour workshop that guides attendees through writing and deploying a JavaScript web app using the command line.

This talk is ideal for people who have some familiarity with the command line and some basics of web development. Beginners may prefer to work through the written tutorial on their own at a more comfortable pace, as the workshop is jam-packed with information and moves fairly quickly! The workshop was originally developed for WECode 2017.

Firebase Workshop

Bring a laptop and leave an hour later with an app that stores data in the cloud.

Beginner-friendly, 1-1.5 hour workshop that teaches the basics of how to use Firebase to read and write data without needing to write a server.

This talk is perfect for hackathons, and is especially designed for people who may be interested in building an app but don’t have much (or any) web development experience. The workshop was originally developed for FemmeHacks 2016, and has also been given at Spectra.

The workshop is extensively documented and is also provided in written tutorial form.

How to Even Web

What even is the web? How does it work?

What actually is a server? What does “static assets” even mean? Where do databases come into play?

This talk originally grew out of a short tutorial I gave as the introduction to my Firebase Workshop. Each subsequent time I’ve given it, the content has grown as participants tell me what else they’d like to know.

Features lots of audience participation, since the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.