Create a simple web app and server from scratch and deploy to Heroku in an hour. Write all application code in a single language (JavaScript), with Ember in the client and Node with Express in the server. Familiarize yourself with command line tools to create, build, and manage your application.

This tutorial was originally developed as a workshop for WECode 2017.

Table of Contents

  1. Set up your development environment
  2. Create a new Ember app using Ember CLI
  3. Add more content to your Ember app
  4. Create a server with Express
  5. Add an interactive Ember route
  6. Deploy to Heroku

What You Should Know Before You Begin

  • Basic familiarity with Javascript will be helpful.
    • If you haven’t ever written any JavaScript, that’s okay though! You may just have to look up some extra stuff as you proceed through this tutorial.
  • Some familiarity with the command line is expected.
    • If you’ve never used the command line before, you may want to try a tutorial for your operating system, or a general introduction before starting this tutorial.
  • Some familiarity with Git is helpful.
    • If you’ve never used Git or any other version control software before, you may want to glance through a quick guide first.
    • If you have used a different version control software before, you may want to check out a comparison between that software and Git to familiarize yourself with the concepts unique to Git.
  • Web development experience is NOT required.
    • We’ll be going over some basics throughout this tutorial!

Time Commitment

Tutorial: around an hour

Caveat: These are totally estimates that will vary based on your familiarity with web development concepts, and if you’ve ever used any of the technologies in this tutorial, and if the way that I explain things makes as much sense to your brain as it does to my brain.

Technologies Used

Platforms Used